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Common Issues in Property Management

Common Issues in Property Management

Property management is the process of supervising the ownership interest of the landed property to ensure value accretion and returns on investment. This involves providing the day-to-day oversight of the property in the areas of tenancy administration, rent collection, maintenance, and more. Managing a property can be arduous for even the best property managers as their role transcends maintenance and management of the physical property. Overseeing the rights of both landlords and tenants also falls within the purview of the property manager. 


Common Issues Encountered during the Management Process

  • Apportionment of Repairs LiabilitiesA tenancy relationship involves landlord and tenant repairs’ liabilities. Addressing the repair liabilities that fall under the purview of each party can be daunting sometimes, thereby affecting the general and complete management of the property. This factor causes most cases of property deterioration.
  • Delayed/Non-Payment of Rent Tenants’ inability or refusal to fulfill their rent obligations can be a major deterrent to effective property management. Setting suitable measures for rent collection and recovery can help counter these situations. 
  • Payment of Utility Bill – The continued non-payment of utility bills covering waste, electricity, and water by tenants can deal landlords a significant blow. Some utility service providers are forced to transfer the debt to the landlords in case of eventualities. In a bid to satisfy their clients, property managers are found in a pickle and resort revenue-driving tasks such as constant reminders and visitations. 
  • Legal System Landlord-tenant relationships are guided by the law. The aim is to ensure that either party does not take undue advantage of the other. In the event of a default, the law favours the tenant, as only the court can eject a tenant and his belongings. This further contributes to management issues. 
  • Maintenance As a good Physician does for his patient, ensuring a property’s physical, functional, and economic well-being is the primary focus of any property manager. Achieving this goal can sometimes be difficult for the property manager. This is mainly due to his dependence on other fields and building artisans. In this case, collaboration becomes a sine qua non for achieving his goal. 
  • Rent Review  Negotiating a rent review can be the most controversial period for a tenant. If not handled properly, rent reviews can lead to litigation. This can become a major stumbling block for the property manager to continue his functions, and to avoid disputes, there must be clarity as to the timing or rate of increase as agreed by both parties. 

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