Price Range: from ₦200 to ₦2,500,000
Land Area Range: from 10 SqFt to 1,000 SqFt
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What type of properties do you have for sale?

We have all types of properties including residential and commercial properties as well as lands across all states where we have offices. (Click here – link to listed properties) to browse our sales listing or click here to make an inquiry (link – sales enquiry form).

How long would it take to get my property sold?

 Duration of sale of properties depends on the property location, condition, value and the market situation. 

Can I offer more than one property for sale?

Yes. We can facilitate sale of multiple properties at a time as long as we have a signed instruction to sell.

What is your mode of Inspection?

We require 24hrs notice of your interest for inspection.   Accommodations can be arranged if shorter notice is unavoidable. 

I would like you to sell my property, how do I go about it?

To facilitate sale of properties we would require a letter of instruction/mandate to sell from the owner of the property or administrator. If the property is jointly owned, a letter of agreement to sell must be signed by all owners and provided with the instruction/mandate to sell.

Instruction letter should include:

  • Property description and address 
  • Certification of whether or not the property is under litigation 
  • Photocopies of the title documents for the property
  • Advice on accessibility[
  • Reserve price

         For off Plan and developing Property, this following should be included

  • Pictures of the development (3D pictures) 
  • Finishing details of the project
  • Date of Completion of the development

I would like your firm to help let out my property. How can I engage you?

To facilitate leasing of property on behalf of owners, landlords are required to complete an enquiry form (link). They would be contacted when their enquiry is received and reviewed and inspection of the property is arranged.  Inspections are important to assess the condition of the property and to advise on repairs and upgrades, if required, for optimal value and market interest. Following an inspection, the property owner is expected to provide the firm with a mandate letter authorizing the firm to proceed with marketing the property. 

What methods would you use to market my property and attract tenants?

Our property marketing methods include but are not restricted to:

  • Online listing on our website and our various social media platforms.
  • A professional “TO LET” sign placed on the property.
  • A look through our  past and ever expanding rental database for similar enquiries
  • Feature listings on high traffic property sites (input)
  • Offers to corporate organisations and/or  individuals who we believe are suitable for the property,thereby introducing the property to them 

How do you screen tenants?

Prospective tenants are required to fill our acquaintance form for proper documentation and profile assessment. We also require a valid means of identification, verify prospects’ place of work and current residence, and secure  guarantor letters, amongst other security checks

I would like to rent a property, what process do I follow?

Please browse listed properties on our website (Property listing link) and social media channels (social media handles) for your preference. After selection, contact us to arrange for an inspection of your choice property. If you do not find any property suitable for you on our electronic platforms, kindly fill our enquiry form (link) to guide us in finding you your choice property. 

As a tenant, why do I need references?

Prospective landlords prefer tenants who have the ability and will to pay their rents on time; and will take good care of their properties. Verifiable guarantors are able to attest to the tenant’s credibility and agree to be liable in the event of a tenant’s default or mismanagement of the property.

Why do I have to pay a refundable caution deposit?

 A deposit is held to ensure that damages to the property (over and above fair wear and tear) as well as outstanding utility charges can be corrected at the end of the tenancy. If it is determined at the end of tenancy that no damages have been incurred and all utility charges are paid, deposits are refunded to the tenant.

I would like to value my asset, what are your procedures?

 Requirements to execute a valuation brief include:

  • Letter of instruction stating the purpose of valuation 
  • Title documents or other proof of ownership
  • Advance payment (where necessary)
  • Contact details for inspection 



  • Inspection & documentation
  • Negotiation 
  • Valuation exercise & report writing
  • Payment
  • Delivery 

Do you execute valuations for banks?


What other industries or businesses do you execute valuations for?

 Manufacturing, Hospitality, Agricultural, Insurance Companies, Government Parastatals, Corporate Organisations and Individuals, to mention a few.

Do you value other assets other than lands & buildings?

Yes, we value various types of assets ranging from land and buildings, vehicles, furniture, fittings and equipment, plant and machinery, stock and other specialized assets like ship, vessel, jetty, tank farm, etc.

Can you give an idea of the valuation fee?

Valuation  fees are determined by the scope of work to which we apply the Scale of Professional Charges by  Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV).

What is the basis of valuation?

Valuations are executed for different purposes including open market, forced sale, mortgage, insurance, balance sheet, etc. The purpose for the valuation exercise determines the basis of the valuation. For example, where the purpose is for sale, the basis of valuation is open market.

Can you execute valuation in states outside Lagos?

Yes, we have branches outside Lagos and can undertake valuation briefs in most states in Nigeria. We have seven branches across all the geo-political zones in Nigeria.

I would like you to manage my property. What are the next steps?

Our first step in adding your property to our portfolio is  a joint inspection of the property by our teams and the property owner and/or their representative.  Following a successful  inspection of the property,  we require a letter of instruction to manage from the property owner. 

What are your management activities?

Our management activities include:

  • Routine inspections to enable us know the state of the property and apportion liabilities
  • Rent collection 
  • Administration of service charge where applicable 
  • Supervision of repair works 
  • Serving of statutory notices 
  • Management of the day to day activities on the property

What are the benefits of having DF manage my property?

 The benefits of having DF manage your property include:

  • Regular updates on the state of the property.
  • Prompt collection and disbursement of rent.
  • Accurate and efficient documentation and record keeping on the property.
  • Seamless interfacing with government agencies and parastatals. 
  • Value accretion on your property as a direct result of our responsiveness to market behaviour.

What is your management fee?

Our management fee is subject to location and the scope of work.

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